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Much better than paper plates

Here we did the math for you. 

No need to waste an entire paper bowl when you can use a thin layer. Right?
Now you can buy a 50-pack of Peel Bowls to last one person for 1-2 years (1250 meals).
Choosing to wash your bowl 1250 times would waste up to 200+ gallons of fresh water.
That 50-pack can fit on the shelf & won't have to be restocked a dozen times like 1250 paper bowls.
1250 paper bowls stack up to the ceiling & weigh 60+ pounds, which also costs more to ship & store.
1250 paper bowls also produces 10x more waste than our thin biodegradable layers that weigh .08 ounces.

Returns & Replacements Policy

If the product you receive is not as described or low quality,

we promise to provide a full refund for your transaction or a

replacement. You have up to 30 days after you receive your 

order to request a full refund or replacement.

Seller Services

We accept most payment methods, and now offer a 24/7 

Live Support Chat for us to handle your product or payment

questions. We ship worldwide, and offer free shipping for

customers located in the United States.

Disclosures of Limitations

Don't leave in microwave for over 2 minutes or put in oven.

Don't use a knife with a serrated edge for cutting.

Store in cool, and dry environments. 

Payment Methods

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