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We created our line of Peelable Dinnerware™  to avoid having to wash

as many dishes or buy thousands of paper plates. We're based in the United States, and we're shipping worldwide to anyone that wants

to eat more sustainably.


Our team is based in the USA & we came together in 2020 at

the height of the pandemic with a mission to reinvent dinnerware.  

Everyone here uses peelable products to use at the home to

enjoy & we know you'll love them too. Most important to

us is making sure our products are sustainably sourced &

guaranteeing satisfaction with each peel. We believe in

good people of the world & that we can adapt to

overcome any challenges we face.



We're mass producing our biodegradable products in Florida & overseas for worldwide shipping. Our Peelable technology for food contact surfaces is patent pending globally & we are building long-term relationships to bring our products to those that need & want them most. We want to work with all of you to reduce our yearly paper & plastic waste output one daily habit at a time. It starts with each of us taking initial responsibility to get educated & then creating or finding alternative solutions to switch to. We're handling the dinnerware part, but the world needs you to do more! There are specific regions where the majority of waste is created & then not disposed of correctly due to a lack of education, regulations, and moral leadership. That's why we're working  with a growing list of charity organizations that will fund our plans to open production in these regions to reduce  paper & fresh water waste with our sustainable products & educational outreach programs. In 2022 we want to start construction of our India plant where we will be able to channel charitable donations towards providing millions of people with a sustainable alternative to wasteful single-use disposable plates. We are interested in working with your eco-friendly solutions or startups in anyway we can help make a difference.

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Learn more about how we're the #1 eco-friendly disposable dinnerware solution.

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