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Unlike conventional paper or plastic dinnerware, Peelable Dinnerware is made from a biodegradable and compostable paper-based material that is also durable, waterproof & heat-resistant. This means that it can be used for a wide range of food and beverage applications, without contributing to the global plastic & chemical pollution crisis. Now we can use a thin eco-friendly layer for each meal instead of wasting a whole paper or plastic plate or cup. Most conventional disposable dinnerware is coated with plastics or harmful chemicals also found in the ink colorings. We're raising industry standards for safety & sustainability while providing a more convenient, economical & eco-friendly dining experience. 


Washing the dishes wastes 1-3 gallons of water a minute while also taking a lot of energy to get in your faucet. Using Peelable Dinnerware allows us to drastically reduce our disposable waste & greenhouse gas output by up to 10x, because we're using up to 10x less materials, which weigh 10x less & take up 10x less space. This is more efficient for storage & delivery whether it's on a truck, plane, boat, your car, your shelf or in our landfills. There's 8 billion people that deserve the right to eat off safe & affordable dinnerware, but not everyone has clean water to wash dishes or you're in the 80% of people that use disposables every year.  Products like Peel Plate & Peel Cup offer an alternative solution that reinvents how we eat every day with the familiarity of eating off a hard dinnerplate. 


Our materials are made of wood pulp, sugarcane pulp infused with a natural soy-based wax that all biodegrades in two weeks under the optimal conditions. We throw out tens of billions of disposable dinnerware products each year & it accounts for 25% of our paper waste output according to the EPA. Choosing an eco-friendly alternative like Peelable Dinnerware helps to reduce the environmental impact of disposables & contribute to a more sustainable future, because now we can serve the same demand for disposables while producing up to 10x less waste. A pack of 10 Peel Plates lasts the user for 250 meals while being able to fit on the shelf. That 10 pack weighs 10x less than the equivalent 250 paper or plastic plates while also taking up 10x less space (in garbage bags & landfills) & using 10x less materials. Everyone has to eat multiple times every day & by using Peelable Dinnerware we can reduce our environmental impact by up to 10x while enjoying more convenient & economical experience. 

Reduce Environmental Impact

Overall, reducing our environmental impact is crucial to ensuring a healthy planet for future generations. By choosing sustainable solutions like Peel Plate, we can make a positive impact on the environment while still enjoying the convenience of disposable dinnerware. Whether you like to go camping or having fun outdoors Peel Plate & Peel Cup is the dinnerware you need! After a meal, just peel off the top used layer & dispose of it without needing to waste garbage bags or take much longer to biodegrade in nature or our landfills. That's what makes Peelable Dinnerware the #1 eco-friendly dinnerware solution compared to conventional single-use plastic & paper disposable products. The EU & Canada recently has banned certain plastic dinnerware with the rest of the world to soon follow. What we eat off of everyday is important to be safe for everyone & current industry standards was in our opinion not safe enough. That's why we put great care in using sustainably sourced materials that are more safe to eat off of than toxic plastic or chemical coatings on most disposables that seep into our food. There's billions of people that have to eat off surfaces everyday that aren't safe & we want to provide our sustainable solution to everyone. Now we can provide Peel Plates & Peel Cups at large-scale for charity overseas where safety standards are also not as safe as they should be. If you're interested in learning more about the sustainability of our products feel free to contact the live support chat or read our environmental impact statement & product life-cycle assessment & biodegradability studies.

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Are you located somewhere without clean water to wash dishes & have a high demand for food-safe non-toxic disposable dinnerware?


Get access to Peelable Dinnerware Products through our international Charitable Wholesale Program to receive monthly supply at a low cost that makes sense for your village or community.

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