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How long is it microwaveable for?
Limit microwave times to under 2 minutes.

Will my knife slice through the layers?
It's hard to cut through the slice-resistant layers.

How does it stay sturdy & durable till the last layer?
Under the last layer is a thicker base layer for support.

How many layers are in each Peel Plate?
There are 25 peelable layers to last you for 25 meals.

How long will your products last for on the shelf?
They're non-perishable if kept in a cool & dry environment.

How hard is it to peel off?
It's easy to grip the loose peel tabs & peel it away from you.

Are you available internationally?
Yes, we're shipping worldwide!

What is Peel Plate made out of?
The composition is fibers, cellulose & natural ingredients.

How long does it take to biodegrade?
Material takes 2-5 weeks depending on the environment.

Are your peelable products available in stores?
Yes, we'll add 'search by location' option on site soon.

Can I sell your products in my online & physical store?
Yes, contact the Live Support Chat to become a retailer.

Can I earn commission sharing your product online?
Yes, contact the Live Support Chat to become an affiliate.

Can I purchase wholesale to donate or use personally?
Yes, contact the Live Support Chat for bulk ordering.

What if my product arrives in damaged condition?
Get a full refund for any reason you're not satisfied.

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