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We created our line of Peelable Dinnerware™ to avoid having to wash as many dishes or buy thousands of paper plates. We're based in the United States, and we're shipping worldwide to anyone that wants to eat healthier & more sustainably.


We are a US-based company that came together in 2020 with a mission to reinvent dinnerware. We are passionate about providing sustainable solutions that make mealtimes more convenient, and we use our own responsibly-sourced Peelable Dinnerware products. Guided by a belief in the goodness of people, we are adaptable and driven to overcome challenges in pursuit of a more sustainable future. Delivering exceptional products and customer experiences is at the core of our work, as we aim to enable positive environmental impact with every meal. Our values of sustainability, adaptability, and customer-centricity position us to lead the charge in reinventing the dinnerware industry.


We at the company are focused on producing a range of biodegradable and sustainable products, with a particular emphasis on our patent-pending Peelable technology for food contact surfaces. We are mass producing these innovative items in our facilities located in Florida and overseas to enable worldwide shipping and distribution, with the goal of providing accessible and eco-friendly alternatives to consumers globally.

sustainable solution

At the core of our mission is a drive to reduce yearly paper and plastic waste output. We recognize that this responsibility lies with each individual to get educated and adopt more sustainable habits. To that end, we are not only manufacturing our own biodegradable products, but also working tirelessly to raise awareness and inspire action within communities around the world.

expanding impact

We have identified specific regions where the majority of waste is created but not disposed of properly due to a lack of education, regulations, and moral leadership. To address this critical issue, we are partnering with a growing list of charity organizations to fund the opening of new production facilities in these target areas. This will allow us to provide millions of people with a sustainable alternative to wasteful single-use disposable plates and other items.

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collaborative future

Recognizing that no single entity can solve the global waste crisis alone, we are actively seeking out opportunities to collaborate with other eco-friendly solutions and startups. By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we aim to amplify our impact and drive meaningful change in the fight against environmental degradation.

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Learn more about how we're the #1 eco-friendly disposable dinnerware solution.

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